Technology Transfer

Thanks to its personnel being specifically trained in the agri-food field, CTAEX can transfer the latest technologies and research findings in the R&D+i field related to agri-food sector.

-R&D Technology Transfer
As an OTRI (Research Findings Transfer Office), CTAEX priority objective is increasing the agri-food sector companies’ commitment in R&D+i projects, and stepping up the transfer of technology and research findings from the Centre to the agri-food sector.
In order to actively disseminate all that information, technological surveillance alerts are created, with a monthly frequency, about the diverse areas, which are distributed via email. Namely, Red TecnoCtaex (TecnoCtaex network), Alerta Legislativa (legislative alert), and Boletín del Observatorio Tecnológico del Tomate (tomato technological observatory newsletter).

-Organisation of tailored training activities for agri-food companies and institutions
-Organisation of Technology Transfer days
-Technical advice in R&D public calls
-Technological surveillance

To visit CTAEX Technological Observatories, click the picture below: Contact: Pilar García