Agricultural tests

The Centre’s team carries out tests in our experimental field and in other locations in order to assess several agronomic parameters, such as fertilisers, irrigation, phytosanitary products, compost, precision agriculture, etc.
-Agronomic study of varieties
-Research of new cultivation techniques: tillage techniques, irrigation techniques.
 -Fertilisation tests
-Plant material multiplication
-Alternative agricultural production: integrated and biological production
-Introduction of new crops: adaptation and financial viability
-Crop scheduling: sowing and harvests
Weed control tests
Influence/efficiency tests for several products about the development of crops
The profile of customers requesting agricultural-related services is technological, and that of producers, input providers.
The most demanded services by companies are fertilisation tests, agronomic studies of varieties and various crop adaptation. The main private customers are companies working with fertilisers or seeds, sectorial associations, and third countries companies seeking the adaptation of their products to the Spanish markets.

Contact: Elena Ordiales