Social Corporate Responsibility

The Business Association National Agri-Food Technological Centre Extremadura (Centro Tecnológico Nacional Agroalimentario “Extremadura” - CTAEX) grew out of the commitment amongst companies and agri-food cooperatives to provide society with a se of state-of-the-art facilities to carry out innovative projects. For this purpose, these facilities were staffed by a team who is committed with the closes environment and with the planet.

The people who make up the Centre in its various levels: Governing Board, Management, and Technical Team, are committed to:

  • Contributing to the well-being of the closest environment
  • Helping to halt the environmental degradation
  • Creating corporate values for the personal development

 This commitments are acquired through these objectives:

Social Environment
-Contribute to improving the well-being of the environment via the technology transfer of innovative processes and products, both in agriculture and in food technology
-Support youth job creation
-Help public or non-profit institutions with food and health challenges
Natural Environment
-Contribute to the Objectives of Sustainable Development with innovative R&D processes 
-Fight the food waste with innovative practices
-Reduce the energy consumption by developing innovative processes to exploit food by-products
-Opt for renewable energies both in the Centre and in research projects choosing decarbonisation

-Create a business corporate culture with the Objectives of Sustainable Development, equality, professional ethics, and social contribution to science
-Consolidate the professional career of the staff
-Enabling the professional and personal development of the whole team

To achieve these objectives, a set of actions under an action plan are developed, so any person or organisation that needs anything related to our social liability scheme will be able to contact the Centre team through this link.