Product development

One of the Centre’s hallmarks is the processing of new food products, or the adaptation of existing products to the new conditions demanded by the markets. For this purpose, we have a pilot plant and an experimental kitchen.
Preservation techniques for minimally processed foods The aim of the line is seeking for processes that minimise the impact that preservation has in food, as well as formulas of energy savings, in order to achieve processing techniques with a lower thermal dependency, preservation processes with natural additives, and a longer shelf life with non-aggressive technologies, all trying to fulfil the safety and the diversity demanded by consumers.
Development of new food products This working line has been designed to diversify food products, focusing on international markets orientation, by applying new food and cooking technologies.
Functional Foods Improvement of healthy features in traditional foods The aim of this line is to revaluate traditional foods by adding and/or substituting, during their development, new natural ingredients, as well as new processes that contribute to increasing their healthy characteristics, without sacrificing the sensory features of the product.

-New product development: semi-manufactured products, ready products (meat, fish, vegetable), dairy, products made from by-products, functional and diet foods.
-Processing Technology: 4th and 5th range products, concentrates, baking, aseptic processes, several barriers, pasteurisation, sterilization, etc.
-Other services: shelf-life studies, ingredients assessment, formulation optimisation, reconstitution studies, product sample production for market studies, etc. 

Food companies of different types

Contact: Abel Crespo