Product development

One of the hallmarks of the Centre is the development of new food products, or the adaptation of existing ones to the new conditions demanded by the markets. To this end, we have a pilot plant and an experimental kitchen.

Minimally processed food preservation techniques The aim of this line is to seek processes that minimise the impact of heat treatments on the product as well as energy saving formulas with the aim of achieving developments with less thermal dependence, preservation processes with natural additives and extending the useful life of food with non-aggressive technologies, all under the premise of food safety and in response to consumer demand.

Development of new food products This line of work aims to diversify food products, seeking the orientation of international markets, through the application of innovative food and culinary technologies.

Functional foods. Improvement of the healthy characteristics of traditional foods The objective of this line is the revaluation of traditional foods through the incorporation and/or substitution in their development of new natural ingredients as well as new processes that contribute to the increase of their healthy character without reducing the sensory qualities of the product itself.

Development of new products: semi-finished products, prepared products (meat, fish, vegetables), dairy products, products from by-products, functional and dietetic foods. 

Processing technologies: IV and V range, concentration, baking, aseptic, multiple barriers, pasteurisation, sterilisation, etc.

Other services: shelf-life studies, evaluation of ingredients, optimisation of formulations, reconstitution studies, preparation of product samples for market studies, etc.

Different types of food companies

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