The agriculture area is responsible for another of CTAEX's strategic lines, Optimisation of agricultural systems, through which the aim is to produce food in an environmentally friendly way, seeking more efficient agricultural practices as well as the adaptation of new crops to the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, always with a view to their subsequent industrial transformation. 


  • Agronomical study of the different crops (varieties studies)
  • Implementation and evaluation of new crop techniques: cultivation and irrigation techniques
  • Fertilization tests
  • Plant multiplication
  • Alternative agricultural production: integrated and biological production
  • New crops: adaptation and financial viability
  • Crop schedules: sowing and harvesting
  • Control tests on weeds
  • Influence/effectiveness tests: impact of different products on the growth and development of crops



The profile of clients requesting services in the area of agriculture is of the following types: production companies, input suppliers, technology companies, etc.
In general, the most demanded services are: fertilization tests, agronomic essays of crop varieties and feasibility studies on crop adaptation. As far as private entities are concerned, our main clients are sectorial associations or companies operating in the area of fertilizers and seeds, as well as foreign companies working to adapt their products to the Spanish market.

Contact: Elena Ordiales eordiales[a]


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