The Centro Tecnológico Nacional Agroalimentario CTAEX ( CTAEX Agricultural and Food Technological Centre) is a research association inaugurated in January 2001, a private centre for innovation and agricultural and food technology which has had since a long professional career, both at national and international levels.

Having received the register as Technological Centre from the Spanish ministry of education and culture, CTAEX is a pioneer in the field of agricultural and food innovation and research in Spain, and assembles in the same installations: an experimental farm, agricultural laboratories, a pilot plant, an experimental kitchen, sensorial evaluation, and an engineering department. Its staff includes a team of highly qualified researchers and specialists whose experience and training have been extensive and focused on R+D+i for companies. All this bestows on CTAEX integral research and development characteristics that few centres have.

It has been acknowledged by the Spanish ministry of science and technology as Centro de Innovación y Tecnología (CIT, Centre of Innovation and Technology) and Oficina de Transferencia de Resultados de Investigación (OTRI, Office for Research Results Transfer).


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Ctra. Villafranco a Balboa Km 1,2

06195 Badajoz

924 448 077

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