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vie, 29 jul 2022

French company seeks a veterinary approved subcontractor with large vacuum oven capacities to dry meat derivative paste and make powder from it

A French industrial agrofood company is urgently looking for a subcontractor equipped with vacuum oven and able to dry meat derivate paste (60% dry matter) until being solid and then [...]

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sáb, 23 jul 2022

Ukrainian SME, manufacturer of meat and meat products, is looking for distributors

Ukrainian SME, which has many years of experience in poultry breeding, production and processing of meat and meat products, offers the highest quality duck meat. The main activity of [...]

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jue, 21 jul 2022

A Ukrainian manufacturer of spices and smoke flavourings is looking for distributors

A Ukrainian company manufactures spices, flavours, food colourings, smoke flavourings, dyes, smoked sunflower oil, marinades for meat and poultry, natural flavours and natural liquid [...]

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