Fecha de publicación: 24/06/2021
Fuente: WIPO Meat
A feeding system for feeding animals (9), in particular cows, such as dairy cows or meat cows, at at least one feeding place (31) with feed from a feed supply (7), wherein the feeding system (1) comprises: - an autonomous feeding device (10) comprising a container (12) for accommodating a batch of feed from the feed supply (7), wherein the autonomous feeding device (10) is configured to take feed held in the container (12) to the feeding place (31) and dispense it at said feeding place (31), - a feed-quantity measuring device (38) for repeatedly measuring a feed quantity value (h-n) for the quantity of feed which is available for consumption by the animals (9) at the feeding place (31), and - a control system (35) which is configured to receive feed-quantity values (h-n) from the feed-quantity measuring device (38) measured at the feeding place (31) at different measurement instants, wherein the control system (35) is configured to perform the following: - store a plurality of feed-quantity values (h-n) received from the feed quantity measuring device (38) in a memory (35a), and - calculate at least one value of a feed variable (hn), which in particular relates to the course of the feed-quantity values over time, at least one point in time after the last measurement instant, based on the feed-quantity values (h-n) stored in the memory.