Exploring sources, extraction techniques and food applications: a review on biocolors as next-generation colorants

Fecha de publicación: 12/01/2024
Fuente: Broccoli Byproducts Extraction
A large number of food additives are used to enhance their marketable quality. Similarly, for increasing the aesthetic value of food, different synthetic food colors are incorporated that are believed to cause severe problems to humans and the environment. Thus, to overcome these issues, biocolors have been utilized sharply due to their potential therapeutic and medicinal benefits. A wide variety of industries, including medicines, textiles, food, and beverage, have used biocolor additives. Biocolors are deployed in the food sector ranging from beverages to confectionary to processed meals to bakery goods to dairy products to pet treats to colored sugar. Considering the stability and sensitivity of biocolors towards the extraction process and environment, new emerging non-thermal or mild technologies are gaining popularity in order to preserve the biocolors from degradation. This comprehensive review focuses on recent advances in knowledge and understanding of the extraction techniques of biocolors, their sources, and their applications.