Transportation device for olive oil processing

Fecha de publicación: 28/01/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model relates to the technical field of olive oil transportation, in particular to a transportation device for olive oil processing, and solves the problems of large occupied space and poor anti-collision performance of a transportation device during olive oil transportation in the prior art. The conveying device for olive oil processing comprises a limiting frame and two sets of end plates, and a plurality of sleeving openings are formed in the limiting frame. According to the olive oil bottle, the outer wall of olive oil is attached to the extrusion block on the inner wall of the sleeve opening, when shaking occurs, the extrusion block extrudes the folded plate in the buffer cavity and further extrudes the air bag in the buffer cavity, the limiting frame is arranged between every two adjacent olive oil bottles, and the protective net embedded with the air bag ball is arranged on the periphery of each olive oil bottle. Therefore, the olive oil transportation device with the protection structures inside and outside is achieved, compared with an existing olive oil transportation device, the size of the olive oil transportation device is greatly reduced, the protection performance is improved, and the usability of the olive oil transportation device is improved.