Sammensætninger, som er anvendelige inden for forebyggelsen og/eller behandlingen af osteoartikulær inflammation og smerte samt bruskskade

Fecha de publicación: 11/04/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The present invention relates to compositions comprising: a) a Vitis vinifera extract in free form or in the form of a complex with phospholipids, or a Punica granatum extract; and b) a lipophilic extract of Zingiber officinale; and c) a lipophilic extract obtained from plants containing polyunsaturated fatty acid isobutylamides selected from the group consisting of Echinacea spp. extract or Zanthoxylum spp. extract or Acmella oleracea (or Spilanthes oleracea) extract; and d) an unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil and/or corn oil; or e) N-acetyl glucosamine; or f) diacerein; and their use in the prevention and/or treatment of osteoarticular inflammation and pain, and cartilage damage.