Process for preparing moisturizing and whitening emulsion and product thereof

Fecha de publicación: 18/03/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention provides a process for preparing a moisturizing and whitening emulsion and a product thereof, and relates to the technical field of cosmetics. The process for preparing the moisturizing and whitening emulsion comprises the following steps: soaking sticky rice in clear water, heating, cooling, filtering, taking sticky rice water, adding honey and lemon juice into the sticky rice water, and mixing to obtain refined water; the preparation method comprises the following steps: pretreating aloes, soaking the pretreated aloes in clear water, then taking out the pretreated aloes, distilling the pretreated aloes and distilled water together to obtain aloe hydrolat, adding carbomer into the aloe hydrolat, and adjusting the pH value to obtain aloe gel; mixing the refined water with the aloe gel to obtain a mixture, adding the thickening agent, the antibacterial agent, the tea polyphenol, the arbutin, the panthenol, the nicotinamide, the plant glycerin, the olive oil and the vitamin E into the mixture, and uniformly stirring to obtain the moisturizing and whitening emulsion. The moisturizing and whitening emulsion prepared by the process is safe, healthy and remarkable in effect.