Preparation method of olive insulating oil with high dielectric constant

Fecha de publicación: 30/11/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention relates to the technical field of high voltage and insulation, and particularly discloses a preparation method of olive insulating oil with a high dielectric constant, which comprises the following steps of: (1) mixing zinc acetylacetonate, methanol and oleic acid, and stirring well; ultrasonically mixing the solution until the solution is clear; placing the clarified solution in a high-pressure reaction kettle, and sealing the reaction kettle for reaction; after the reaction is finished, cooling the reaction solution to normal temperature; and centrifuging the cooled reaction solution, taking the precipitate, and drying the precipitate to obtain high-dispersion zinc oxide nanoparticles; (2) mixing the high-dispersion zinc oxide nanoparticles and olive oil based on the fact that the mass fraction of the high-dispersion zinc oxide nanoparticles in the mixture is less than or equal to 6%, and stirring well; and (3) performing ultrasonic treatment on the mixture for 2-3 hours, and drying to obtain olive insulating oil with a high dielectric constant. According to the method, the dielectric constant and the breakdown voltage of the insulating oil are improved, the electric field distribution is more reasonable by applying an oil paper insulation system, the insulation reliability is improved, the raw material cost is low, the preparation steps are simplified, the production efficiency is improved, and the raw material and time costs are saved.