Pest control device for olive oil planting

Fecha de publicación: 25/01/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model discloses a pest control device for olive oil planting, which comprises a control device base, a support rod is fixedly mounted at the top of the control device base, a connecting rod is fixedly mounted on the outer surface of the support rod, and a trap lamp is fixedly mounted on the outer surface of the connecting rod. The insect trapping lamp is turned on to slowly trap insects, at the moment, the driving motor is started to drive the threaded rod to rotate through the coupler, the threaded rod drives the threaded sleeve to move, the threaded sleeve moves to drive the limiting rod and the insect killing box to move, and the limiting rod slides in the limiting groove. According to the pest control device, the thread bushing is prevented from shifting, the pest killing box moves to wrap the trap lamp, and the pests are controlled through the pest killing box, so that the effect of controlling the pests is achieved, the situation that the pest control device needs to control the pests one by one, consequently, much time needs to be wasted is avoided, and the pest control efficiency of the pest control device is improved.