Fecha de publicación: 09/02/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
Packaged food product consisting of a container (1) in the form of a glass jar, with its corresponding openable lid (2), inside which are placed a number of slices (3) of cured ham and/or shoulder, which may be of white or Iberian pork, in the latter case in any of its Iberian pork variants, immersed in sunflower or olive oil (4). This product makes it possible to preserve the sliced ham and/or shoulder for a long period of time, with a structure that allows it to be consumed at room temperature so that its organoleptic characteristics are not diminished. The aforementioned package (1) can be of different sizes, with a capacity ranging from 300 grams to one kilogram of slices of cured ham and/or shoulder of white or Iberian pork.