Ozone oil preparation device

Fecha de publicación: 31/05/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
According to the technical scheme, the ozone oil preparation device comprises a bottle body, a cover plate is arranged at the top of the bottle body, the bottle body extends into the cover plate, a preparation mechanism is arranged in the bottle body, the preparation mechanism extends out of a shell, the preparation mechanism comprises an oil guide pipe, the oil guide pipe is fixedly arranged in the cover plate, and the oil guide pipe is arranged in the cover plate. The device has the beneficial effects that through the design of the preparation mechanism, when the device is used for preparing ozone oil, the bottle opening can be shielded through the cover plate to form a closed space, and when olive oil needs to be added in the reaction process, the device can be used for preparing the ozone oil, so that the device can be used for preparing the ozone oil. The descending of the oil body can be controlled through the baffle plates in the oil guide pipe and at the top of the oil guide pipe, so that most of air is isolated outside, and the problems that external air enters and internal air escapes easily when a traditional device is used for oiling are solved.