Olive oil production device

Fecha de publicación: 01/04/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model provides an olive oil production device and relates to the technical field of olive oil production. The olive oil production device comprises a cold pressing mechanism and a cooling mechanism. The cold pressing mechanism comprises an oil pressing barrel, a first pressing disc, a cold pressing barrel and a second pressing disc. A stand column is installed on the oil pressing barrel, a supporting rod is installed in the oil pressing barrel through a support, the first pressing disc is installed at the upper end of the supporting rod, the two ends of the cold pressing barrel are open, a plurality of long-strip-shaped oil outlets are formed in the side face of the cold pressing barrel, the cold pressing barrel and the first pressing disc are coaxial, and the side face of the first pressing disc can abut against the inner side of the cold pressing barrel. And the second pressure plate is fixed in the cold pressing barrel. The cold pressing barrel can be driven by the lifting assembly to move upwards or downwards. The cooling mechanism comprises a heat conduction pipe, a circulating pump and a heat dissipation finned pipe which are sequentially communicated to form a circulation loop. And through the arrangement of a heat conduction pipe, a circulating pump and a heat dissipation fin pipe, the first pressing disc can be rapidly cooled, so that the cold pressing effect of the olive oil production device is guaranteed.