Olive oil analysis experiment sample preparation device

Fecha de publicación: 18/03/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a sample preparation device for an olive oil analysis experiment. The sample preparation device comprises a crushing module, a stirring fusion module and a centrifugal separation module, the crushing module comprises a feeding pool, a crushing motor and a material receiving tray, a screen is arranged at a discharging opening in the bottom end of the feeding pool, the material receiving tray is located under the discharging opening, a rotor fixedly connected with an output shaft of the crushing motor is arranged in the feeding pool, and a plurality of hammer pieces are fixedly arranged on the side wall of the rotor; the stirring and fusion module comprises a stirrer, a fusion device and a stirring motor, the stirrer comprises a stirring shaft and stirring blades fixedly arranged on the stirring shaft, the fusion device can control water in a water tank of the fusion device to be at a constant temperature, the stirring motor can drive the stirring shaft to rotate, the stirring shaft is further sleeved with an isolation hood, and the water tank is connected with a circulating water path; a circulating pump is arranged on the circulating water path; the centrifugal separation module comprises a centrifugal motor, a rotating roller and an outlet funnel, and a filter screen is arranged on the outlet funnel. According to the invention, the quality of the squeezed olive oil is improved.