Ointment for treating diabetic skin complications and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 10/12/2021
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention provides an ointment for treating diabetic skin complications and a preparation method thereof. Specifically, the invention provides a pterostilbene and nicotinamide ribose pharmaceutical composition, wherein the pharmaceutical composition is an ointment, and the ointment comprises (1) a therapeutically effective amount of pterostilbene and nicotinamide ribose; and (2) pharmaceutically acceptable excipients, wherein the excipients constitute an ointment carrier; and the excipients comprise (A) an aqueous phase, (B) an oil phase, wherein the oil phase comprises olive oil and/or sweet almond oil, (C) an emulsifier, and an optional component including (D) a wetting agent and/or (E) a bacteriostatic agent. The ointment provided by the invention can significantly reduce inflammation and oxidative stress states in skin tissues, significantly treat skin tissue microenvironment, and promote the healing of wound surfaces.