Multi-nutrient black rice and goat milk puzzle biscuits prepared by 3D printing technology and preparation method of multi-nutrient black rice and goat milk puzzle biscuits

Fecha de publicación: 30/08/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a multi-nutrient black rice and goat milk puzzle biscuit prepared by a 3D printing technology, and the multi-nutrient black rice and goat milk puzzle biscuit is prepared from the following components in parts by mass: 200-220 parts of rice flour, 20-26 parts of wheat flour, 15-16 parts of black rice flour, 3-4 parts of goat milk, 3-4 parts of crushed walnuts, 0.8-1 part of honey, 25-30 parts of eggs, 20-25 parts of olive oil, 30-50 parts of xylitol, 0.8-1 part of yeast powder, 0.8-1 part of table salt and a proper amount of water. Along with the improvement of the living standard and the development of the food industry, precise nutrition products become new driving force of the food industry. The rice flour and the black rice flour are used as main raw materials, the goat milk, the walnuts, the honey and the like are used as auxiliary raw materials, the effects of health, nutrition, easy digestion and absorption, senescence delaying and the like are emphasized, and meanwhile it is guaranteed that the biscuit tastes crisp, fragrant and sweet; a 3D food printing production method and equipment thereof are selected, machining or molds are not needed for 3D food printing, the food shape is directly generated from graphic data of a computer, the food development period is shortened, the production cost is reduced, meanwhile, food styles are enriched, and the requirements of special consumer groups are met.