Method for identifying grade of olive oil by establishing chemometrics model

Fecha de publicación: 07/06/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention provides a method for identifying the grade of olive oil by establishing a chemometrics model, which comprises the following steps: firstly, carrying out headspace incubation pretreatment on known and unknown olive oil samples, and then detecting volatile compounds in the samples by adopting gas phase ion mobility spectrometry to obtain peak volumes of the volatile compounds in the known and unknown olive oil samples; analyzing the data by taking known olive oil sample peak volume information as a classification basis and adopting a chemometrics method of principal component analysis and partial least square discriminant analysis, and establishing a grade identification model; and substituting peak volume information of volatile compounds contained in an olive oil sample with an unknown grade into the identification model for analysis, and judging the grade of the sample. According to the method, only simple headspace incubation pretreatment is needed, interference of external solvents is avoided, and the detection accuracy is improved. The method is simple and rapid to operate, the olive oil is objectively and accurately evaluated, and different grades of olive oil can be rapidly identified.