Melanin bionic hair dye containing aspergillus fermentation product and preparation method of melanin bionic hair dye

Fecha de publicación: 08/03/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a melanin bionic hair dye containing an aspergillus fermentation product and a preparation method of the melanin bionic hair dye, the melanin bionic hair dye is in a dosage form, and the melanin bionic hair dye comprises the following components: 2-6% of the aspergillus fermentation product; 1%-3% of 2, 5, 6-dihydroxy indole; 4% to 8% of C16-18 alcohol; 12%-16% of olive oil; 0.5%-2% of PEG-7 olive oil; 2%-8% of propylene glycol; 1%-6% of cysteine; 0.1%-0.2% of sodium sulfite; 0.1% to 0.5% of ascorbic acid ethyl ether; 0.2% to 2% of polydimethylsiloxane; 0.05% to 0.1% of guar gum hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride; 4%-10% of ethanolamine; and the balance water. According to the method disclosed by the invention, the oxidation speed of 5, 6-dihydroxyindole outside hair is inhibited by utilizing the aspergillus fermentation product, so that more 5, 6-dihydroxyindole enters hair cuticles, and a faster and better coloring effect is obtained.