Kernel separating mechanism for olive oil squeezing

Fecha de publicación: 14/06/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a kernel separation mechanism for olive oil squeezing, and aims to overcome the defect that in the olive oil squeezing process, crushed kernels and pulp are mixed together for squeezing, and impurities in olive oil are increased. The device comprises a discharging unit and a kernel separating unit, the kernel separating unit comprises a separating cylinder, a pressing column and a pulp box, a plurality of blowing holes are formed in the end of the pressing column, one end of the separating cylinder is connected with the pulp box, the end of the separating cylinder is connected with a separating plate, and a plurality of pulp outlet holes are formed in the separating plate; a kernel outlet window is arranged on the side wall of the separating cylinder close to the separating plate, and an openable cover plate is connected to the kernel outlet window on the separating cylinder; olea europaea falls into the separating barrel from the discharging unit, the pressing column moves to crush the olea europaea, meanwhile, the air blowing hole blows out high-pressure air flow to enable crushed pulp to be discharged into the pulp box from the pulp outlet in the separating plate, the pressing column returns, the cover plate is opened, and kernels fall out of the kernel outlet window. Reliable separation of the pulp and the kernel of the olea europaea is realized.