Filtering equipment for olive oil production and processing

Fecha de publicación: 28/01/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model relates to the technical field of olive oil processing, in particular to filtering equipment based on olive oil production and processing, and solves the problems that in the prior art, residues of olive oil are not completely filtered, use is affected, and the like when the olive oil is filtered through a single filter screen. And residues generated after olive oil is filtered are inconvenient to clean, so that a filter screen is easily blocked, the filtering efficiency is influenced, and the use is relatively inconvenient. Filtering equipment for olive oil production and processing comprises a filtering box, the top of the filtering box communicates with a feeding pipeline, three main filter screens are arranged in an inner cavity of the filtering box, three T-shaped grooves are formed in the rear side of the filtering box, convex blocks are slidably connected into the three T-shaped grooves, and a connecting plate is arranged on the rear side of the filtering box. According to the olive oil filtering device, multi-stage filtering is carried out on olive oil, filtering is more complete, residues generated after filtering are convenient to clean, and the situation that filtering is affected due to the fact that the filter screen is blocked is avoided.