Edible mushroom premade dish and preparation process thereof

Fecha de publicación: 12/07/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses an edible mushroom premade dish and a preparation process thereof, and belongs to the technical field of disinfectants, the edible mushroom premade dish and the preparation process thereof comprise the following raw materials by percentage: 60%-70% of edible mushrooms, 3%-6% of olive oil, 5%-10% of sauce, 20%-30% of a soup base mixture and 5%-8% of an extract. Firstly, natural edible mushroom antibacterial substances are adopted, the shelf life of the prefabricated vegetable can be prolonged to the maximum extent, food spoilage is avoided, secondly, an extract is utilized, it can be guaranteed that the product keeps the antibacterial effect for a long time after being opened, and bacterial breeding of the product is avoided; according to the edible mushroom soup base disclosed by the invention, the absorption efficiency of the body for promoting vitamins, calcium and amino acids can be improved to the greatest extent, the edible mushrooms subjected to freeze-drying treatment can be selected to be soaked into the soup base mixture in the eating process, the taste is improved to the greatest extent, and meanwhile, the natural delicate flavor of the edible mushrooms is ensured.