Device and method for fermenting organic fertilizer from olive oil squeezing fruit residues

Fecha de publicación: 17/05/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The device comprises a support, the top of the support is fixedly connected with a tank body, the tank body is internally provided with a heat preservation tank, the top and the bottom of the heat preservation tank are fixedly connected with fixing block sets correspondingly, and the top and the bottom of the surface of the heat preservation tank are fixedly connected with fixing rings correspondingly; the surface of the fixing ring is fixedly connected to the inner wall of the tank body. According to the invention, the bracket, the tank body, the heat preservation tank, the fixed block group, the fixed ring, the stirring device, the dispersing tank, the dispersing device, the feeding hopper, the sealing cover, the stock bin, the conveying pipe, the transmission motor, the spiral conveying rod, the discharging pipe, the heating rod, the temperature sensor and the heat transfer rod group are matched for use, so that the organic fertilizer discharging device has the advantage of stably discharging the organic fertilizer; the problems that a traditional organic fertilizer fermentation device is single in discharging structure, blockage is prone to occurring in the discharging process, the discharging efficiency is low, and the organic fertilizer fermentation efficiency is prone to being reduced are solved.