Defoaming agent for industrial cleaning and preparation method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 15/03/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The invention discloses a defoaming agent for industrial cleaning and a preparation method thereof, the defoaming agent comprises 23-36 parts by weight of polyoxyethylene oxypropylene glycerol, 13-20 parts by weight of epoxypropane, 10-15 parts by weight of ethylene oxide, 10-15 parts by weight of polyglycol ether, 10-15 parts by weight of higher alcohol, 10-15 parts by weight of mineral oil, 10-15 parts by weight of emulsified silicone oil and 10-15 parts by weight of olive oil. The proportion of the ethylene oxide is set to be 15-26 parts, the proportion of the polyglycol ether is set to be 8-16 parts, and the higher alcohol comprises polyvinyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. According to the invention, polyoxyethylene oxypropylene glycerol and epoxypropane are adopted as main raw materials and are compounded with ethylene oxide and polyglycol ether, and then higher alcohol and various grease components are added, so that the processed defoaming agent has the effects of small solubility in water, strong foam inhibition effect and strong defoaming effect when being applied to industrial cleaning; when the defoaming agent is mixed into water, the defoaming agent is good in hydrophilicity, so that the overall defoaming capability is good, and the solubility is relatively high.