Compression hemostat for radial artery interventional puncture part

Fecha de publicación: 09/08/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model provides a compression hemostat for a radial artery interventional puncture part. The compression hemostat comprises an upper buckle plate, a lower bandage, a sleeve, a limiting check ring, a pressure adjusting turncap, a push rod and a scale cap. The liquid storage soft bag is used as a pressure head of the push rod, and even pressure can still be kept when an uneven puncture part of a patient is pressed, so that displacement is not prone to occurring; the scale cap is arranged, so that a nurse can accurately adjust the pressure according to the pressure scale marks on the scale cap; after compression hemostasis is completed, the liquid storage soft bag is punctured, the olive oil in the liquid storage soft bag flows out and permeates into the gauze padded on the skin, then the compression hemostat is removed, adhesion between the gauze and the skin is reduced through the olive oil, and wound ulceration of the punctured part caused by follow-up removal of the gauze is prevented. Besides, the lower bandage is provided with a group of water bag cushion blocks which are arranged at intervals, so that long-time compression of the lower bandage on the arm skin of the patient can be relieved, and the ventilation effect is improved; the electronic timing module is arranged, so that a nurse is conveniently reminded to dismantle the compression hemostat on time.