Cleaning and crushing device for olive oil production

Fecha de publicación: 26/04/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The utility model discloses a cleaning and crushing device for olive oil production, which belongs to the technical field of olive oil production and comprises a base, a cleaning structure is arranged above the base, and a crushing structure is arranged on the side wall of the base. According to the olive fruit cleaning device disclosed by the utility model, the cleaning box, the cleaning tank wall and the ultrasonic generator are additionally arranged, so that the skins of the olive fruits cannot be damaged in the cleaning process, and the olive fruits can be cleaned in all directions, so that no dust is left on the olive fruits, and the quality of subsequently squeezed olive oil is improved; by additionally arranging the dewatering box, the eccentric heavy hammer and the screen, residual saline water on the surfaces of cleaned olives is removed, the water content of follow-up virgin olive oil is reduced, follow-up oil-water separation is facilitated, by additionally arranging the movable cutter and the fixed cutter, the olives are crushed firstly and then crushed through the crushing wheel, so that the crushing wheel works more conveniently, and the practicability is high. The time consumption for crushing the olive fruits is reduced, and the crushing completeness of the olive fruits is improved.