Fecha de publicación: 03/06/2022
Fuente: Wipo "olive oil"
The capsanthin composed herbal lipstick preparation preferably consist of capsanthin, extracted for Capsicum annum using acetone as solvent was taken in a effective concentration range from 0.09 to 0.65 % w/w to produce effective faint orange, orange and deep red shade, blended with coconut oil in a concentration range from 6 to 8% w/w and olive oil in a concentration range from 10 to 12% w/w with gentle heating; a colored pasty mass was obtained. Other components of the composition were melted in decreasing order of their melting points herein paraffin wax was taken in a concentration range from 15 to 20% w/w; lanolin in a concentration range from 8 to 12 % w/w; followed by kokum butter in a concentration range from 25 to 35 % w/w, to the molten mass of components; previously prepared pasty mass of capsanthin was poured and mixed uniformly with excipients to get homogenous mass illustratively mentioned in figure 1to 4. Herbal lipstick were evaluated through one or more parameter like color, texture, pH, melting point, skin irritation test, surface anomalies test, aging stability and perfume stability wherein the preparation ensures safe storage at room temperature; had no defect like surface crystallization; stable for 30 days and imparts an attractive color, glossy and moist appearance, devoid of skin irritation and harmful effect of synthetic lipsticks.