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Fecha de publicación: 12/07/2024
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This week’s featured study was presented as an oral communication at the 84th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association. This clinical trial investigates the mechanisms underlying the well-established health benefits of the Mediterranean diet on cardiometabolic health, particularly through its impact on the microbiota. Research increasingly acknowledges the pivotal role of microbiota in overall health. The study reveals that the intestinal microbial metabolism of bile acids correlates with host adiposity and lipid profiles, potentially modifying the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet on cardiometabolic health.
In addition, another notable article underscores the significance of culinary skills in promoting healthy aging. The SUKALMENA-InAge feasibility pilot study demonstrates that culinary training is a promising approach to foster and sustain healthy eating habits. Participants enrolled in the culinary intervention group, compared to those in the nutritional intervention group, exhibited increased adherence to the Mediterranean diet after four weeks. They also reduced the use of culinary techniques associated with adverse health effects, such as advanced glycation end products (AGEs), along with improvements in anthropometric measures. Enhancing culinary knowledge and skills may offer additional benefits beyond mere nutritional education. This approach undoubtedly holds promise for further promoting the Mediterranean diet and emphasizing its cornerstone ingredient: olive oil.
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