Ctaex participa en el proyecto europeo BIOCOPAC: Fabricación de un embalaje metálico a partir de los subproductos de tomate

PRESS RELEASE 1: BIOCOPAC: Making better use of Europe's tomato by-products for a greener and safer metal packaging 

BIOCOPAC: Development of bio-based coating from tomato processing wastes intended for metal packaging 


On 17 and 18 January 2012 took place the kick-off meeting of the European project "BIOCOPAC". The meeting was held in Parma at the Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry (SSICA). The project, financed by the FP7 Programme “Research for the benefit of SMEs”, is coordinated by Dr. Angela Montanari, Head of the Packaging Department at SSICA.


BIOCOPAC aims at developing a novel natural lacquer for metal packaging applications. The lacquer will be developed re-using tomato waste products (e.g. peels) to extract cutin for developing a 100% natural resin. The research concept is based on an old patent developed by SSICA during the ‘40. Advances in bio-based products research will allow to find new technically effective and affordable alternatives for mass market applications.


Every year millions of tons of tomatoes are used, and large amounts of tomato by-products are treated as waste. Instead of simply landfilling this material, BIOCOPAC will develop a novel range of alternative bio based lacquers for the canned food industry. With growing pressure for companies to adopt eco-friendly packaging, the project is expected to boost the competitiveness of an often perceived “old fashioned industry”. The targeted eco-innovation will ensure sustainability and improved consumer protection. BIOCOPAC, making a better use of Europe's renewable agri-food resources, will enable business to deliver green growth and environmental benefits


The consortium is a private-public partnership including 4 leading Research Centres, 4 SMEs and 3 large enterprises from 6 different EU countries. The partnership encompasses the whole agri-food chain, from the tomato transformation and waste treatment industries, up to the lacquers and metal cans manufacturers. The project partners include Stazione Sperimentale per l’Industria delle Conserve Alimentari (IT – RTD Performer) along with Centro Tecnológico Agroalimentario Extremadura (ES – RTD Performer), Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation (ES – RTD Performer), SYNPO A.S (CZ- RTD Performer), Salchi Metalcoat S.r.l (IT – lacquer manufacturer), Chiesa Virginio Azienda Agricola (IT – livestock & biogas producer), Conservas Martinete S.A. (ES -  manufacturer of canned tomato), National Can Hellas S.A. (GR – metal packing ), Rodolfi Mansueto S.pA. (IT – transformation of tomatoes), Schekolin AG (LI - manufacturer of lacquers) and Saupiquet S.A.S (FR – canned seafood producer).


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For further information contact:
Stazione Sperimentale per l’Industria delle Conserve Alimentari
Via Tanara 31/a, Parma, Italy, I-43100
Dr. Angela MONTANARI (Project Coordinator)
Email: angela.montanari@ssica.it
Web-site: http://www.ssica.it
Coming soon: stay informed at www.biocopac.eu


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Ref: BIOCOPAC: Grant agreement no: 286446 FP7- SME-2011-1