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Meet Emanuel Garcia: Colleague of The Morning Star Company since 2017.
Meet Emanuel Garcia, an invaluable member of our Morning Star Quality Control team. He began his journey in 2017, working as a seasonal bin assembler at our Liberty Packing facility. Emanuel quickly showcased his skills, dedication, and passion, and by the following season, he started working as a quality control technician in the bulk ingredient laboratory. Over two seasons, he honed his expertise in quality control processes and procedures for tomato products.
In 2020, Emanuel joined the Morning Star family full-time as a Quality Control colleague. He primarily oversees quality control operations in the canning department, as well as the other Morning Star bulk ingredient laboratories. This role allowed him to continuously learn and grow, benefiting from the wealth of knowledge shared by experienced QA/QC colleagues.
Emanuel first heard about Morning Star from family members who worked here. He was drawn to the company by the potential for professional development, the supportive environment, and our unique Mission Focused Self-Management philosophy. When asked to describe Morning Star, he highlights “Teamwork, Freedom, and Respect” as core values that define his experience.
One thing he finds most challenging about working within Morning Star’s Self- Management culture is engaging and gaining agreement among colleagues. In his own words, “We have many brilliant minds working for the company, and everyone thinks differently; sometimes trying to get everyone on the same page is challenging.” However, he sees this not as a deterrent but as an opportunity for innovation and collaboration.
Emanuel’s background in food microbiology research at the Universidad de Guadalajara provided a solid foundation for his current role. There, he balanced academic studies with practical research, conducting fieldwork, performing microbiological analyses, and validating methods. He especially recalls the instance when he performed an antibiotic susceptibility test for bacteria.
Family plays a central role in Emanuel’s life. He married his wife in 2021, and they now have a one-year-old daughter. His parents’ cultural roots are from Mexico, so he cherishes the time he’s spent traveling through Mexico with his spouse and looks forward to continuing these adventures as a family.
Outside of work, Emanuel is passionate about exploring new places, meeting people, trying different foods, experiencing diverse cultures, and connecting with family through reunions. He enjoys family gatherings, walks in the park, watching Netflix, and playing video games, with a particular fondness for action, science fiction, and adventure movies like the Avengers series.
Looking ahead, Emanuel aspires to be a supportive husband and father while achieving personal and professional goals. He dreams of purchasing a home in California and investing in Mexico. Professionally, he aims to continually enhance his skills and knowledge, striving for excellence in his role at Morning Star.
Emanuel Garcia’s journey at Morning Star is a testament to his dedication and commitment to quality control, making him a vital part of our team.
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