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2024 Global Production Expected to Hit 47.5 Million mT

The World Processing Tomato Council reported that, as of May 17, projections for the 2024 crop should exceed 2023’s production of 44.2 million mT. With China and California expecting crops of 10.5 and 11 million mT respectively, the accuracy of those projections could impact the final production for 2024. Other notable regions with significant output are Italy with 5.6 million mT, Spain with 2.8 million mT, Turkey with 2.7 million mT, and Iran with 1.9 million mT. Planting has now officially begun in the Northern Hemisphere; however, rain and adverse weather in Europe have caused some significant delays.
Smaller production regions are being affected heavily by those adverse weather effects. For example, rain, wind, and highly variable temperatures have delayed planting in France, with only 50% of total surface areas planted. The country expects delayed harvesting, likely not starting until early August, and expects 190,000 mT in 2024. On the other hand, Greece has enjoyed a warm spring which allowed for early planting. With 80-85% of surfaces planted, they are expecting 500,000 mT.
Larger regions of production, such as Italy, have struggled with rain delays to planting. Approximately 50-55% of surfaces have been planted in the Northern region. Rainfall and low spring temperatures have hindered plant growth, and Italy now faces harvesting delays of 1 or 2 weeks. The South has benefitted from lighter rain, but water availability remains a challenge in Puglia. The final forecast is 5.6 million mT.
Similar to Italy, Portugal has had unpredictable weather and rain. Transplanting was delayed in March due to wind and rain, but approximately 55% of surfaces have now been planted. Their forecast remains at 1.5 million mT.
In keeping with the trend, Spain has also had delays in transplanting (10-15 days) due to rain. Expectations are for planting to be complete by the end of May in Extremadura. The Andalucia region was delayed as well but not to the same extent as Extremadura. The total forecast is still 2.8 million mT.
Turkey has enjoyed nice weather, similar to Greece, and expects to begin an early start to harvesting. They are expecting 2.7 million mT.
Despite ongoing conflict in the country, planting in Ukraine has been steady, with 45% of tomatoes going into their growing region. Some low temperatures and frost have slowed the growth in field seedlings, but Ukraine’s forecast is still 600,000 tonnes.
Taking a look at the Southern Hemisphere, where harvesting is coming to a close, we are seeing Brazil face some major plant health and weather challenges. Extreme temperatures in the early season caused whitefly, a virus-transmitting agent from soybean crops, to attack early transplanted tomato crops, damaging some crops beyond repair. The amount of rain in March, coupled with high temperatures, delayed significant transplanting, causing producers to lose seedlings in nurseries. Despite the setbacks, yields are overall expected to have improved from 2023, and Brazil expects to return to 2022 volumes of 1.7 million mT.
As with every processing season, weather and disease play a crucial role in crop health at this time of year. As major regions such as China, California, Italy, and Spain are wrapping up their planting season, we should know more in the coming month, particularly after the WPTC congress in early June, about how reliable and accurate current crop projections are.

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