Vacuum low temperature baked tomato powder and making method

Fecha de publicación: 11/02/2015
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention provides a vacuum low temperature baked tomato powder and a making method. The cooked tomato powder made by the production technology integrates the medicinal and edible value of tomato, can maintain the original taste of tomato, has low content of crude fiber and water, is thoroughly sterilized and has a long shelf life, and is pure natural green health food without any additive. The method includes: subjecting tomato to washing, soaking, dehydrating, baking and stacking, conducting sterilization treatment on the cooked tomato, then performing grinding by a crushing machine to obtain the cooked tomato powder, and then carrying out packaging in bags according to requirements. The cooked tomato powder processed by the method maintains the nutrients and original flavor of tomato, and also has a lot of newly generated nutrients. With fine particles and better rehydration, the vacuum low temperature baked tomato powder can be directly brewed with boiling water into tomato pulp for drinking, and also can be used as an ingredient of food and beverages.