Tomato vine clamp

Fecha de publicación: 30/03/2021
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The tomato vine clamp comprises two arc-shaped plates, the two arc-shaped plates are oppositely arranged, connecting plates are fixed to the two ends of each of the two arc-shaped plates, adjustable clamping assemblies used for clamping root parts of tomato vines with different thicknesses are fixed to the inner sides of the arc-shaped plates, and the adjustable clamping assemblies are used for clamping the root parts of the tomato vines with different thicknesses. According to the tomato vine clamping device, the adjustable clamping assembly is used for clamping the tomato rhizome part, the requirement for thickness change of the rhizome in the growth process of tomato vines can be met, growth of the tomato vines is not restrained, and meanwhile the tomato vine clamping device can be usedfor clamping the tomato vines through the mode that the traction rope in the traction part is wound on the vines. While the growth direction of vine seedlings is guided, the seedlings are not directly squeezed, and damage to the seedlings is avoided.