Tomato supporting frame for agricultural planting

Fecha de publicación: 08/05/2020
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The utility model discloses a tomato supporting frame for agricultural planting. The tomato supporting frame comprises a base, a clamping groove, a fixing cone, a pedal, a supporting column, a sleeve,a first fixing bolt, a supporting plate, a clamping plate, a guide rod, a baffle, a clamping groove, a containing groove, a second fixing bolt and a rubber pad. The tomato supporting frame for agricultural planting is simple in structure and novel in design; the support frame can be conveniently and stably fixed; stable clamping and fixing of tomatoes are ensured; improving stability of tomato growth, meanwhile, tomato plants with different heights can be conveniently fixed; by arranging the clamping mechanism, a worker can conveniently clamp tomato plants with different thicknesses under theaction of the arranged clamping mechanism during use, the use range is widened, meanwhile, tomatoes with different lengths and thicknesses can be conveniently adjusted, it is guaranteed that the clamping plates do not influence growth of the clamped plants, and the tomato planting device is high in practical value and suitable for application and popularization.