Tomato support frame

Fecha de publicación: 01/03/2019
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention relates to a support frame, in particular to a tomato support frame. The technical problem of the present invention is to provide a tomato support frame which can fix tomato plants morefirmly without damaging the plants. The tomato support frame comprises a first insertion rod, a sliding rod, first clamping blocks, first springs, a second clamping block, a clamping mechanism, support rods, second sliding blocks, first rotating rods, third clamping blocks and the like; the top of the first insertion rod is provided with the sliding rod, the left side of the sliding rod is provided with a plurality of first clamping blocks and fifth clamping blocks, and the fifth clamping blocks are located at the rear sides of the first clamping blocks; and the right part of the rear side ofeach first clamping block and the right part of the front side of one corresponding fifth clamping block are connected with one first spring. The tomato support frame disclosed by the invention can befixedly disposed near a tomato plant for supporting the tomato plant by the first insertion rod, can fix the trunk of the tomato plant to prevent the tomato plant from lodging by cooperation of the first clamping blocks and the fifth clamping blocks, and can fix branches of the tomato plant to prevent the branches from bending or breaking by cooperation of the third clamping blocks and fourth clamping blocks.