Fecha de publicación: 01/06/1999
Fuente: Wipo tomato
Our invention relates to a "TOMATO STRING STEM FRUIT CLUSTER SUPPORT DEVICE." A particular application of the invention is for the device to be attached to the String used in Greenhouse/Hothouse/Hydroponic growing operations, in particular the invention would be attached and secured to a string that holds the Tomato vine and when anchored into place would support the Tomato Fruit Cluster Stem from breaking of the Main Vine due to its enormous heavy weight. Because of the nature of Greenhouse/Hothouse/Hydroponic grown tomatoes whereby the Tomato Plant is actually a vine that stretches over 25 ft. in length, the tomato plant is elevated and suspended from the ground up to the ceiling by a String Support to the designated height of the greenhouse ceiling. When the plant is then elevated and made to stand up by way of the string, the Tomato Fruit Cluster then becomes a burden in terms of weight considerations. When the Tomato Fruit Clusters are growing and before reaching their maximum growth and ripening process their weight becomes their undoing. The fruit clusters become top heavy and it then shears the tomato cluster stem from the main vine thereby causing it to break. When such break occurs the plant is then prone to disease causing the plant to die prematurely before its maximum growing lifespan. The main intention and purpose of the invention are to cover such problem areas.