Tomato seed separation device used after tomato sauce processing

Fecha de publicación: 04/05/2018
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention relates to a tomato seed separation device used after tomato sauce processing, and belongs to the technical field of food processing machines. According to the device, processed tomato sauce is conveyed to a stirring pond from a feeding pipeline, a motor drives a stirring device to stir the tomato sauce through a rotation shaft, and stirring is stopped after being conducted for a period of time. A walking device on a walking frame moves, a laser sensor scans the surface of the tomato sauce, and due to the fact that tomato seeds are grey and the tomato sauce is red, the laser sensor distinguishes the sauce seeds through the color, positioning is conducted, a control system is used for driving a transverse walking device and a longitudinal walking device, and an adsorption device is made to move to the position above the position where the tomato seeds are located; and the tomato seeds are adsorbed by the adsorption device and then conveyed to a tomato seed collector through a hose, and the stirring device continuously conducts stirring after all the surface tomato seeds are adsorbed, the adsorption device repeatedly conducts work till no tomato seeds exist in the tomato sauce, and the tomato sauce is conveyed through a discharging pipe.