Tomato sauce with high dietary fiber and production method of tomato sauce

Fecha de publicación: 25/06/2014
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention discloses a tomato sauce with high dietary fiber and a production method of the tomato sauce, belonging to the field of processing technology of food seasonings. Tomato fruits are cut and seeds are removed, and the microwave enzyme passivating technology, the superfine grinding technology, the substep concentration technology and other technologies and processes are adopted to produce high-quality raw tomato sauce and tomato peel dietary fiber micro powder, and then the tomato sauce is prepared according to the formula; the formula is as follows in mass percentage: 55-60% of raw tomato sauce, 4-6% of tomato peel dietary fiber, 0.5-0.8% of edible salt, 2-4% of trehalose, 0.32-0.36% of citric acid, 2-2.2% of alimentary acetic acid, 0.008-0.01% of monascus red pigment, 0.01-0.02% of Nisin, 0.07-0.09% of xanthan gum and 28-32% of water. The nutrients of the tomato peel are fully utilized, and the enzyme passivating effect is good; the content of the dietary fiber of the tomato sauce is increased by 4.3-6.6 times and the content of the lycopene is increased by 1.3-2.2% compared with those of the prior art, and the tomato sauce has good water binding capacity, pure flavor, bright color and luster and good sensory quality.