Fecha de publicación: 27/10/2012
Fuente: Wipo tomato
FIELD: food industry.
SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry and may be used during production of tomato paste and tomato juice in a continuous flow. The method is as follows: one sequentially washes tomatoes in two waters under a pressure equal to 2-3 atm., inspects tomatoes placing them in one layer, removes wastes, crushes the vegetables and mills them. The produced mass is separated into a liquid fraction and a fraction with seeds and peel particles. Then the liquid fraction is separated into tomato juice and tomato puree with dry substances content up to 30%. Separated tomato juice is homogenated, poured into containers, sterilised and packed. Tomato puree is conditioned to dry substances content equal to 30-70% to produce tomato paste while the fraction with seeds and peel particles is heated up to 80-90°C; the produced pulp is separated and added into the tomato puree.
EFFECT: invention ensures production of tomato paste without inclusions of remains of peel and tomato juice the taste whereof does not contain bitterness, the products preserve vitamins, smell and taste of freshly plucked tomatoes.