Tomato powder product characterized by three highs of lycopene and preparation method

Fecha de publicación: 21/09/2016
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention relates to a tomato powder product characterized by three highs of lycopene and a preparation method. The three highs of the lycopene refer to that the tomato powder product has high lycopene content, high cis isomer proportion and high lycopene stability. Fresh tomatoes are taken as raw materials which are chosen, cleaned, pulped, homogenized and subjected to enzymolysis and centrifugation, the residue is subjected to freeze drying or low-temperature vacuum drying to obtain tomato powder with the lycopene content reaching 0.4-2.0%, and cis configuration lycopene accounts for 10-30% of the total lycopene; after vacuum or nitrogen charged packing, the shelf life can be as long as 18 months. Compared with commercially available powder, the tomato powder product has the advantages that water-soluble components in ordinary tomato powder is removed from the product, so that the lycopene content of the product is increased by 3-10 times as compared with that of the ordinary tomato powder, the proportion of cis isomer is increased by 3-8 times, and stability of the lycopene is improved by 40-60%; by the lycopene content and tomato extract in the product, the cost of the product is equivalent to 1/2-1/3 of that of tomato extract, and the product is free of residual organic solvent.