Tomato pomace seed and skin separating method and separating system

Fecha de publicación: 25/10/2019
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention provides a tomato pomace seed and skin separating method. The method comprises the following steps that firstly, tomato pomace is squeezed and dried through direct flow hot air to obtaina material with the water mass percent being 25 to 40%; secondly, the material is separated through a dual-layer disc screen into tomato seeds, tomato skin and tomato crumbles, the tomato skin and the tomato crumbles are used for lycopene extraction, the tomato seeds enter a plane rotary screen, the tomato crumbles and the tomato broken skin in the tomato seeds are removed, output tomato seeds enter a disc dryer to be dried, the water is reduced to 6 to 9%, after drying, the tomato seeds enter a color selector to remove heterochrosis impurities and bad seeds, pure uniform-color tomato seeds can be obtained, meanwhile, the temperature of the tomato seeds is reduced to be within 38 DEG C, and direct packaging is carried out. According to the method, water of the tomato skin and water of thetomato seeds are controlled, the tomato skin and the tomato seeds are separated and used, due to two-time drying, drying energy consumption is reduced, due to combination of three separation devices,product quality and treatment efficiency are improved, cost is greatly reduced, and continuous industrial production is easily achieved.