Tomato plant vine falling method

Fecha de publicación: 06/11/2018
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The embodiment of the invention discloses a tomato plant vine falling method. The method is used for decreasing the torsion radian of stems when vine falling is performed on tomato plants so as to prevent tomato plant breakage. The method comprises the steps that planting is performed on multiple tomato plants in the same target planting row inside a greenhouse; a vine falling rope is arranged above the root of each tomato plant, the first end of each vine falling rope is fixed to the top of the greenhouse, and the second end of each vine falling rope droops naturally; when tomato plants enterthe vine hanging stage, the fixing positions at the tops of the tomato plants and the corresponding vine falling ropes thereof are detachably fixed together; when the tomato plants enter the vine falling stage, the fixing positions of the tops of the tomato plants are transferred to the other vine falling ropes except the corresponding vine falling ropes, and the tomato plants are inclined so that the growth points at the tops of the tomato plants cannot exceed the preset maximum growth height.