Tomato picking machine and control method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 26/11/2021
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention provides a tomato picking machine and a control method thereof. The tomato picking machine comprises a rack, a picking device, a moving device, a storage device, a monitoring device and a control device. The rack comprises a top cover, a screw motor, a screw, a first supporting column and a second supporting column; the picking device comprises an end effector, a mechanical arm base, an arm joint and a large arm and is used for carrying out multi-degree-of-freedom picking operation on tomato fruits; the moving device is connected with the second supporting column and used for driving the tomato picking machine to move in a tomato planting field; the storage device is used for storing the tomato fruits after the fruit stems are cut; the monitoring device is connected to the rack and used for monitoring the position of the tomato picking machine in the tomato planting field and monitoring and classifying unpicked tomato plants and picked tomato plants; the control device is connected to the rack, and the control device is connected with the picking device, the moving device, the storage device and the monitoring device. According to the tomato picking machine and the control method thereof, the structure is simple, manual participation is not needed, manpower and material resources are effectively saved, and the picking efficiency is high.