Tomato making beating device

Fecha de publicación: 03/05/2017
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The utility model discloses a tomato making beating device installs the cutter in the terminal frame of inlet pipe, and the cutter is connected with the cutter motor, and the cutter below is provided with the extrusion pipe, and the open position of extrusion pipe extrude the intraductal screw extrusion pole that is provided with under the cutter, and the screw extrusion pole is connected with the extrusion motor, and extrusion pipe below is provided with the baffle box, the baffle box with arrange the material union coupling, arrange material outside of tubes wall and wrap up and be provided with heating device, extrude to manage and be provided with an album slag chute below the end, the extrusion pipe is the mesh pipe. Install in the frame of extrusion pipe end and break up the axle, break up the axle and break up the motor and be connected, break up epaxial fixed being provided with and break up the pole. The advantage when pulling an oar to the tomato, separates the young of tomato and skin walk, reduces artifical the input, and when avoiding the man minute to leave tomato son and skin, the workman brings the impurity in the external world in the tomato ketchup into. Making beating time can also for the tomato young with the skin separation, the heating work of preparing of tomato juice reduces artifical the input, reduces the cost that the tomato was pulled an oar.