Fecha de publicación: 27/07/2018
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The present invention relates to a tomato jelly and a preparing method thereof. The tomato jelly can alleviate the sour taste unique to tomatoes and enhance the taste while changing the appearance to easily and conveniently consume the tomato containing a large amount of lycopene components with antioxidant and antioxidant properties, thereby significantly enhancing the palatability for general consumers. The tomato jelly preparing method includes: an agar water preparing step of dissolving the agar powder in water to prepare agar water; a tomato juice extracting step of washing sorted tomatoes, removing the skin and seeds therefrom, grinding and filtering the tomatoes, and extracting the tomato juice; a miracle fruit powder preparing step of washing the sorted miracle fruits, rapidly freezing the miracle fruits, and grinding the miracle fruits to powder; a tomato mixture preparing step of inputting the miracle fruit powder to the agar water to alleviate the sour taste unique to the tomatoes and the tomato juice, mixing the mixture, and preparing a tomato mixture; a heating step of mixing and heating the tomato mixture uniformly; a syrup input step of inputting and mixing the syrup before discharging the heat from the heated tomato mixture; heat discharging step of discharging the heat from the tomato mixture with the syrup added thereto; and a solidifying step of solidifying the tomato mixture having the heat discharged therefrom. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2018