Tomato jam capable supplementing selenium

Fecha de publicación: 20/04/2018
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention mainly relates to the technical field of processing of jam, and discloses tomato jam capable of supplementing selenium. The tomato jam is made from the following raw materials of tomatoes, lactosyl fructoside, modified konjaku starch, table salt, citric acid, soybean protein and selenium-enriched yeast. The tomato jam is rich in raw materials, balanced in nutrients, fine, smooth, refreshing, and moderate in sour and sweet degrees. The selenium content can reach 5.82 [mu]g/100g, and the health-care functions of the tomato jam are obviously increased. The tomato jam is made throughthe following steps of peeling the tomatoes, performing mashing, adding the lactosyl fructoside, performing high-temperature steaming, and killing infectious microbes, so that the shelf life is prolonged, the flesh is fine and smooth, and the tomato jam is easy to digest and absorb; after steaming, adding the modified konjaku starch, so that the consistency and the stability of the tomato jam areimproved, and water separation is avoided; and then adding the table salt, the citric acid, the soybean protein and the selenium-enriched yeast, so that the nutrient and the flavor of the tomato jamare improved. The tomato jam is moderate in sour and sweet degrees, and can promote human bodies to digest and absorb lycopene and organic selenium, the seasoning and health care functions of the tomato jam are increased, the immunity can be improved, the heart and cerebral vessels can be protected, the ageing can be delayed, and the tomato jam can resist cancer and restrain cancer.