Tomato industrialized seedling growing system and management method

Fecha de publicación: 01/01/2019
Fuente: Wipo tomato
The invention belongs to the technical field of agricultural cultivation, and discloses a tomato industrialized seedling growing system. The tomato industrialized seedling growing system comprises: aseedling growing medium preparation module, a seed-soaking and accelerating germination module, a water application module, a fertilization module and a planting module. Rich nutrient elements can beprovided for tomato seedlings through the seedling growing medium preparation module, and the growth and development of the tomato seedlings can be also promoted, so that the survival rate of the seedlings is improved, and a seedling growing period of the tomato seedlings is shortened. The fruit setting rate of the cultivated tomato plants is extremely improved, and fruits have relatively good qualities, plump pulp, few seeds and no sourness. At the same time, tenebrio molitor worm feces used through the fertilization module is colorless and odorless, and contains rich nutrients. By adopting the tomato seedling growing method, the germination rate of tomato seeds is high, seedling growing time is short, relatively robust tomato strong seedlings can be obtained, and the transplanting survival rate of the tomato seedlings is ensured.